20 must have items for living gluten free and dairy free

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Living gluten free and dairy free can be a real challenge. For me, even though I know that I have to do it if I want to have optimum health, that doesn’t always make it easy. However, I’ve found that there are some basics that as long as I keep these in my cupboard it makes it easier to stick to my diet plan.

1. Coconut Oil- You can use coconut oil for everything. From skin care, to smoothies, to cooking.

2. Coconut Milk- my favorite alternative to dairy milk. You can also use almond milk but I have a mild allergy to almonds so I choose to use coconut milk instead.

3. Olive Oil- This is a must have as an alternative to salad dressings and for cooking and drizzling on vegetables and meats.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar- this is great for killing candida, loosing weight and as a flavor in cooking.

5. Balsamic Vinegar- another great item for cooking and salads.

6. Blendtec Blender- a must have for good well mixed smoothies as well as for easy mixing of gluten free bread recipes and more.

7. Local Honey- a great sweetener for teas, desserts and for helping with seasonal allergies.

8. Quinoa- a must have bean that cooks like a grain.

9. Peanut or Almond Butter- great for eating with apples, carrots and or celery.

10. Sunflower Butter- I just tried this recently, and it’s sooo good.

11. Raw Coca- great for getting your chocolate fix without all the sugar and fat.

12. Chia Seeds- a great energy booster.

13. Flax Seeds- a great add in for energy and digestion in smoothies and other cooking.

14. Humas- great with veggies, corn chips and salads.

15. Lemon Juice- another great thing to use in water to cleanse your system or for cooking.

16. Cinnamon- a great flavor enhancer for all of things.

17. Brown Rice Syrup- great as a sauce for anything sweet.

18. Lemon Black Pepper Spice Blend- one of my favorite spices for veggies, meats, quinoa and rice dishes.

19. Parsley-another one of my favorite herbs.

20. Corriander Spice- another great herb for reducing inflammation and for flavoring food.

Do you have a favorite gluten free and dairy free staple that I didn’t include here? Comment below and tell me about it.

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  1. Korey says:

    Enerjive Quinoa Skinny crackers! Rock Salt CRAVE: can’t live without:) http://www.enerjive.com

  2. Heidi says:

    I love coriander so much!

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