How to Handle Chocolate Cravings When You Can’t Eat Gluten or Dairy

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Do you crave chocolate? I know that I do and while my cravings are getting less since I found out about my long list of food allergies and my other health challenges and since I began eating a lot healthier, I still crave chocolate from time to time. Since most chocolate and many chocolate items such as candy bars and cookies have either gluten and or dairy in them, this makes it challenging to satisfy my chocolate cravings without eating things that aren’t good for my health. I also have to watch my sugar intake. So here are a few recipes and tips I have used to still get my chocolate kick.

1. Blend coconut milk, banana and raw cocoa and drink it. This is really good and always works for me. Plus it’s much healthier than a chocolate candy bar. Sometimes I’ll also had a few drops of stevia.

2. Use chocolate flavored stevia in tea, coconut milk, or in smoothies and anywhere else that it would taste good.

3. Buy and eat only pure raw cocoa bars of chocolate. You can usually find these at Whole Foods and at other health food stores.

4. Make hot chocolate with raw cocoa beans that you grind.

5. Add cocoa powder to your smoothies and other recipes as appropriate.

6. Visualize eating something with chocolate.

7. Burn a chocolate scented candle or otherwise find a way to smell chocolate.

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