12 Dairy Free Mashed Potatoes Recipes

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Do you love mashed potatoes as much as I do? I know mashed potatoes are one of my favorite Thanksgiving and really anytime recipes. Yet ever since I had to give up dairy products, I’ve had to experiment with various ways of making dairy free mashed potatoes. Here are 12 of either my own recipes, or of those I’ve found online.

1. Mash potatoes with a pinch of salt, 1 cup of coconut milk per 2 cups of potatoes and 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

2. Use the same recipe as number 1 only use almond milk.

3. Mix and mash potatoes with coconut oil and a pinch of salt. You want to use just enough to get the coconut flavor without overdoing it. Usually about 1 tablespoon per 2 large potatoes is a nice amount.

4. Mix and mash potatoes with olive oil and 1 teaspoon of nutritional yeast per 2 large potatoes. This makes for a nice twist on a “cheesy” dish of dairy free mashed potatoes.

5. Use cauliflower instead of potatoes and blend them in a blender with a pinch of salt and coconut or almond milk.

6. Use half potatoes and half cauliflower and make the same recipe as in number 5.

7. Mix potatoes with olive oil and garlic spice mix. You can use a straight garlic one, or one that has garlic and a few other spices.

8. Make a rosemary and thyme version by mixing the potatoes with coconut or almond milk, a pinch of salt and some sprinkled rosemary and thyme herbs.

9. Make a version of dairy free mashed potatoes with chicken broth.

10. Use vegan butter with black pepper and chives.

11. Combine garlic, thyme and almond milk in these dairy free mashed potatoes.

12. Mix potatoes with olive oil and herbes de provence herb mix.

Got a favorite dairy free mashed potatoes recipe that I forgot? Please share in the comments below.

How to Make Great Tasting Dairy Free Popsicles

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It’s Summer and Summer can only mean one thing it’s time for ice cream and popsicles. While many of these have milk in them, there are ways to make some great tasting dairy free popsicles that you can enjoy in the hot weather. Here are some ways to make them without all of the hassles.

1. Make fruit popsicles only from fruit juice or real fruit. Have you ever frozen a banana with a popsicle stick in it? If not, you really must try it. Frozen banana popsicles are very yummy. You can also pour fruit juice either one kind such as apple, or a combination such as apple and grape juice into a popsicle mold and enjoy. For example these ones look like great ones to use to make your dairy free popsicles. Best Popsicle Molds The Kitchen Paradise TM, 100% BPA FREE & Dishwasher Safe Tupperware Quality 6-piece Repeat Use Green Plastic Ice Pop Mold Set. Includes Stable Tray & Drip Guard

2. Make creamy popsicles with dairy free milks such as coconut, almond or cashew milks. To make these dairy free popsicles, you first need to use a blender to blend the milk with banana, strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, orange or whatever fruits you desire. Then pour the mixture into a mold as mentioned above and then freeze for about 1 day. Personally I really like banana and coconut milk, banana, coconut milk and pineapple, almond milk with strawberry and raspberry, and almond milk with banana and blackberry. You can experiment and see which combinations you like best.

Here’s to some great summer dairy free popsicles. Got a favorite recipe? Share it with me below in the comments.

Subzero Dairy Free Ice Cream

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dairy free ice cream



Have you ever tried Subzero dairy free ice cream? If not you should consider trying it. Here in Northern Utah, we have several locations. The one I went to is at about 5600 South and 900 East in Murray. There are also stores in Sandy, Draper, Provo, Ogden, Layton and down in St. George in Southern Utah. There are also SubZero ice cream stores throughout California Idaho, Washington and Oregon. I’m not sure what other states have them although I did try searching my old zip code in Indiana and couldn’t find any close by. So if you leave so you would have to search the store locator on their website to see if there is one near you.

I have only been to Subzero once and this was just a few days ago. I really liked and for sure will be going again. If you are vegan or dairy free because of a milk allergy or for any other reason then you are aware that finding dairy free ice cream at ice cream shops can be a challenge. While TCBY and a few other chains do usually have one soy milk version it usually is just the plain version and doesn’t taste as good. Subzero has a vegan option with either soy or almond milk as well as a lactose free but not vegan option. I added agave since the clerk recommended it. He said that the vegan ice cream is less sweeter than the cow milk based kind. I also added in raspberries, pineapple and mango flavoring. It was really delicious. The ice cream freezes from a complete liquid into ice cream in about 15 seconds. You can see the process in the picture above.

This diary free ice cream was really good. The taste was nice and creamy and it was quite a bit less sweeter than regular ice cream but I still really enjoyed it. I started eating it inside and it stayed frozen, however, once I did step outside it seemed to melt faster than normal ice cream. So if you are looking for a dairy free or vegan ice cream that tastes good, is reasonably healthy for you, and is different than the usual stuff you find at the grocery store, give Subzero a try. You won’t be disappointed.