Why Aren’t My Supplements Working?

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Are you taking supplements and yet they aren’t working or at least you think they aren’t working? This is a common problem and is one of the reasons that many people stop taking them.

Let’s explore the common reasons why supplements don’t work or people don’t think they are working:

1. You don’t need them. Yes it’s possible for you to not need supplements. Regardless of what you may have heard, supplements are not always necessary for all people. Yes it’s true that most people are not eating enough fruits and vegetables and therefore not getting enough of several crucial vitamins and minerals, but, that may not be you. Furthermore everyone’s bodies are different so it’s possible that supplements simply aren’t necessary for you.

2. You need supplements but the ones you are taking are the wrong ones for you. For example you may need more Vitamin D and E but not calcium and you may be taking supplements that have more calcium but not more Vitamins D and E.

3. The supplements you are taking aren’t strong enough for you. For example, you may need 500mg of Vitamin D but the supplement you are taking has only 200mg of Vitamin D.

4. You are taking supplements of low or sub-standard quality. Not all supplements sold are equal. There are lots of high quality supplements but also several that are not. In fact, many supplements have additives in them that aren’t healthy and in some cases they may not even actually contain the things that the label says they do.

If you are struggling to figure out the right supplements for you, or if you even need them, schedule your free wellness consultation with me today and let’s figure it out.


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