How to Create a Simple and Healthy Autism Diet Menu

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Are you wanting to put your child with autism on an autism diet, yet you are overwhelmed and wanting to keep your child eating healthy at the same time? If so you are not alone. Whether you are following the GFCF autism diet, or just working on feeding your child with autism a healthy diet, or maybe your child with autism has other food allergies and you need to avoid other foods, these tips can help you learn how to create a simple and healthy autism diet menu.

1. Create a list of foods that will form the basis of your healthy autism diet menu. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables and get feedback from your child if he or she is able to give it to you about what foods he or she likes to eat. Add to your list any foods that you have served on a regular basis that are healthy and that you have noticed that your child enjoys eating.

2. Do research to find simple and healthy meals that use the ingredients on your shopping list. Pinterest is one of my favorite places to find these recipes. You can also use a few websites such as Yummly and All Recipes.

3. Make up your own recipes. For me I like to use the following simple formula for creating simple and healthy and autism diet friendly recipes. 1-2 green vegetables, 1 meat, 1 grain or starch like potato or sweet potato. I also really like crockpot soups and stir fry recipes. My favorite kind of stir fry includes 3-6 vegetables and chicken, salmon, or shrimp sautéed in olive oil or coconut oil. You can also serve with a small amount of rice or quinoa.

4. I like to use this list of spices to help add flavor to my meals. 5 Fat Free and Allergy Free Spices that Add a Lot of Flavor

5. Check grocery store ads and specials to determine which foods are on sale for the week and save money by focusing the majority of your autism diet menu around meals that include those foods.

Need more detailed help? Check out my Healthy Eating for Children with Autism Online Course

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