6 Important Guides: To Choose the Best Supplements

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Are you taking the best supplements for you? How do you know? There are thousands of supplements available for purchase yet one key to having optimum health is for you to chose the right ones for you. So here are 6 important guides to choose the best supplements:

1. The ingredients inside the supplements. While this one may be obvious, it couldn’t be more true and more important. Everyone does not have the same needs since your diet, lifestyle and individual health concerns can impact what you need from a supplement.

2. Your needs. This is related to number 1. Do you know what you need from a supplement? If not, you need to find out. The best and easiest way is to consult with a health coach, nutritionist or other qualified health care professional to help you chose based on your individual health concerns and what you are already getting from your diet.

3. The research and science behind the supplements. While this is not necessarily the most important guide, it can impact the quality. This is one reason I do not recommend buying your supplements at the grocery store. The majority of these are not high quality and do not have any research or science behind them. That said, you can find some quality supplements at a speciality health store such as Whole Foods.

4. No filers or dyes. This is a must. Many store bought and inexpensive supplements have added filers, dyes, allergens and other ingredients that are not good for you or necessary. Make sure you check these out in any supplement that you are considering purchasing.

5. Your diet. This is related to numbers 1 and 2. For example, if you are vegetarian or vegan, you will have different needs than someone who eats meet. If you have low bone density you will need more calcium, than someone does not. Some people need fish oil and others don’t.

6. The cost. Yes this is last for a reason. That said, the cost can be a factor since a supplement that is more expensive isn’t necessarily better and a supplement that is too cheap is probably going to be low quality.

What questions do you have about supplements? Let me know in the comments below.

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