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Top 10 Immune Health Supplements

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Are you worried about your immune health? or maybe you think that you could use some improvement and would like to explore what immune health supplements you can take to make this happen? If so, keep reading while I share with you my top 10 immune health supplements.

  1. Ginger-This great spice and herb is great for not only digestive issues but also for immune health. You can make a tea with ginger by boiling it and drinking the leftover water, or you can buy a ginger tea ready made or add ginger to another kind of tea. It can be pretty hot though so you want to be careful how much ginger you use.
  2. Elderberry- This is no doubt of the most popular immune health supplements. You can take it as a gummy, a syrup or in a cough drop. I recommend taking it every day if you are feeling a bit under the weather, or if you have been exposed to some kind of infection or virus. Or you can take it daily as a precautionary measure.
  3. Vitamin D- Most of us don’t get enough vitamin D and high doses of vitamin D can do wonders for your immune health and for helping to prevent and fight off infection.
  4. Vitamin C- Just like vitamin D, vitamin C is a must have for good immune health. In fact, many doctors are using it to help people fight off all kinds of viruses and infections.
  5. Coenzyme Q 10- This is another great supplement that is good not only for immunity but also for allergies. If you have allergies a lot, then you probably want to make sure to take coenzyme Q 10 either straight or a supplement that has it in it.
  6. Clove- This is the herb and essential oil with the highest orac value which helps to fight inflammation. If you have high levels of inflammation in your body, then you will by default also have poor immune health. So in order to have a strong and balanced immune system, you need to lower your inflammation levels.
  7. Quercetin C- This is another great supplement for allergies as well as immune health. It can also help to boost your energy levels.
  8. Turmeric- This is another great spice and essential oil that is often combined with black pepper and or ginger and used for digestive support as well as immune health. Try making a tea with it, or adding some to a green smoothie.
  9. Probiotics- These are a must for everyone. Recently they have become more popular for digestive health. However, what many people don’t realize is that your digestive health and your immune health are directly connected.
  10. Ginseng- You have probably heard of this one and it works really well in combination with vitamin C to help with recovery from colds and other immune challenges as well as for a preventive measure.

Which of these immune health supplements have you used? Share your favorites with me in the comments below.

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