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Unlock the Secrets of Gut Health for Kids

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Do you want to know the secrets of gut health for kids? If so, then keep reading. As you can probably imagine gut health for kids is similar to gut health for adults and if you have a kid who has poor gut health and who doesn’t get it taken care of then that kid will grow up to become an adult with poor gut health.

So how exactly do you deal with gut health for kids? And what happens that make kids not have good gut health?

Well the reality is as you can probably guess, that many of the same things that give adults bad gut health, also give kids bad gut health. Too much sugar, too much soda, problems with gluten and dairy and other food sensitivities as well as build ups of yeast and candida. If you haven’t already read my first post in my gut health series read it now. How to do a Gut Health Detox.

So other than avoiding giving your kids too much sugar, soda and white flour, what exactly can you do to help your kids have good gut health?

Here are some secrets for gut health for kids:

If your child has a lot of digestive issues and allergies know that this is not normal and is a sign of bad gut health. You need to start by eliminating any food sensitivities your child has and getting rid of anything in the diet that is bothering your child.

Then you need to give your child probiotics and probiotic foods daily to help build up healthy gut flora and balance in your child.

Reduce gluten and dairy in your child’s diet even if he or she doesn’t have sensitivities as these cause gut problems to one degree or another in everyone.

Get help from a chiropractor and or acupuncturist who specializes in this to help you.

Hire a health coach to help you.

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