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10 Ways I Hope Health Care Will Change After Covid 19

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How will healthcare after Covid 19 be different? It is anyone’s guess. However, I have my own ideas about ways I hope healthcare after Covid 19 will change. Whether or not any of these actually happen though remains to be seen.

  1. Currently statistics show that 70% of Americans use or have used one or more methods of alternative or holistic medicine. While this number is high, it includes those who have only tried it once or twice and not only those who use it on a regular basis. I hope this number will become 100%. While allopathic or traditional healthcare has its place, it is far from perfect, and has a lot of limitations. There are a lot of benefits to holistic healthcare in its different forms and I would hope that everyone will start to be able to experience them.
  2. Telehealth as an option for everyone. Will the pandemic has increased the usage of telehealth and it won’t work for everything, when it does work, it can be a big time and money saver.
  3. An increase in insurance coverage for holistic medicine and care. While many insurance policies claim to cover things like functional medicine, acupuncture and chiropractic, with high deductibles, too often it is cheaper to pay out of pocket.
  4. An increase in the ability to use HSA’s and flex spending accounts for all forms of alternative and holistic medicine. Currently supplements purchased through a doctor and some over the counter ones as well as some therapies such as infrared sauna, chiropractic and acupuncture are covered. However, some things such as essential oils, herbs, and other remedies remain ineligible.
  5. A bigger focus on prevention of disease at all levels. While we recognize the importance of prevention to some degree, we still have levels of diseases such as diabetes at epidemic levels and one statistic I read said that has many as 40% of the patients who have been hospitalized for Covid 19, have diabetes. This is just one example of conditions that can be prevented through lifestyle change and that are making people more likely to have a severe case of not only this illness but others as well.
  6. An increased demand and acknowledgement of the role that health coaches can play in helping people improve their overall wellness.
  7. A decrease in healthcare costs. This is a big one that would change the lives of a lot of people for better. Currently getting a test for COVID 19 is either free or cheap for virtually everyone. Why can’t other important and essential health care tests be the same way? I get it that some are expensive but it seems to me that a lot of them cost way too much. (No, I’m not a fan of medicare for all as a conservative but there have to be other ways to lower costs.)
  8. I would also love to see healthcare after COVID 19, include more wellness centers where there are medical doctors, health coaches, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nutritionists, massage therapists and similar health care professionals all under one roof. There are wellness centers like this opening up in different locations but I don’t think there are enough of these. In fact, I’d like to see these be the default option everywhere with either a membership that covers all services, or insurance.
  9. An increased focus on how to build your immunity naturally without vaccines. While I’m not anti-vax, I don’t believe that the flu shot is a good idea, nor do I think that this should be the default option for every disease that exists now or that will exist in the future. We as a society need to learn how to build up natural immunity so that I body can fight off illness on its own.
  10. I hope that more doctors will be more open minded to holistic healing methods and that they will actually listen when their patients say that something is wrong. Too often they don’t really listen, or say that things are normal, that aren’t.

Do you have any thoughts or ideas about how you hope healthcare after Covid 19 will change?

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