I sat in an Infrared Sauna weekly for 3 months- here’s what happened

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Have you ever used an infrared sauna? If not, you really should start. Infrared saunas offer a lot of health benefits. While I had used them a few times a year before this year, this January I started sitting inside an infrared sauna once every week and when this Covid-19 craziness hit, I had to skip a few weeks and boy can I tell the difference. 

Here is what happened to me as a result of sitting in an infrared sauna weekly for 3 months:

I had increased energy. The biggest increase happened during the few hours after, but I noticed that I still had more energy on an ongoing basis. While I never had the greatest health due to my autoimmune issues and hashimotos, I never actually got flat in bed sick during the winter season. This is really unusual for me. I usually get at least one major cold of some kind.

I lost a few pounds. Not a lot of weight but as someone who really struggles to lose any weight this was a nice perk.

I also had less pain for at least a few days after. I noticed that my inflammation levels went down and I had fewer aches and pains and headaches. Now that I haven’t been in about 5 weeks I definitely starting to feel the difference.

In short, I highly recommend you at least give sitting in an infrared sauna a try. 

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