Simple Tips for Grounding for Health

grounding for health
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Have you ever tried grounding for health? Maybe you’ve tried it but you aren’t sure it worked? or maybe you have heard about the benefits of grounding for health but aren’t sure how to make it work for you? If any of these apply to you, keep reading. I’m going to share with you ways I’ve specifically used grounding to improve my health and wellness.

First simple grounding method- Go outside barefoot as often as possible. This sounds too simple and it really is that simple. Walking outside barefoot on the grass isn’t something that most of us do very often anymore. However, we should do it more. It’s great for us to put our feet directly on the ground and the healing power of the earth is more powerful than most of us realize. I recommend doing this for at least 10 minutes every day if possible.

Second, Use a grounding pad underneath your computer or on your bed. Computers are the source of a lot of EMFS and other energies that aren’t the greatest for your health. Using a ground pad can help your body to absorb less of these.

Three, Use essential oils for grounding. These can work really well. The Balance blend from Doterra is the best one, however you can also use singles such as frankincense or lavender. You use these by putting 1-2 drops of each oil on your wrists or on the bottoms of your feet.

Fourth, Consider an EMF necklace or pendant. I have a couple different ones that I wear every day. These help to ground yourself and to reduce the damage to your health that EMFS can cause. There are lots out there so it helps to get some feedback or to consult a naturopath or functional medicine practitioner for ideas.

Which of these simple grounding for health ideas have you tried? Do you have a favorite one? Share it with us below in the comments.

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