10 Effortless Hacks for Immune Health

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Do you worry about your immune health in the winter? I know I used to until I discovered these 10 hacks for immune health. Now I worry a lot less and I’m a lot healthier all year long.

  1. Use essential oils to boost your immunity- There are a lot of different ones you can use. My favorites are frankincense and a blend that includes cinnamon, clove and orange.
  2. Go outside and get grounded- This is a big one. Most of us don’t go outside as much during the winter especially. You really need to spend time outside, whether it’s walking, playing in the snow or other activities. On days when it’s warner outside you should take off your socks and shoes and go barefoot for at least 5 minutes and up to 20 minutes if you can. Doing this makes you grounded and can boost your immune system significantly.
  3. Drink extra vitamin C- This is a no brainer. Although I don’t recommend you drink juice to get it. There are a variety of powders with vitamin C and these are a lot better.
  4. Take extra vitamin D- You want to take a pill of at least 5,0000 IU.
  5. Make golden milk- This is where you combine coconut milk with turmeric, black pepper and sometimes a few other ingredients.
  6. Get enough sleep- If you don’t get enough sleep, then you will have even more problems with a weak immune system. We reset our immune system and therefore our immune health each night in our sleep.
  7. Get self care- Do things such as exercise, get a massage, meditate and do other things to take care of yourself and relax.
  8. Avoid too much stress- the more stress you have, the more frequently you will get sick.
  9. Exercise- exercising can really help boost your immune health.
  10. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables- These is obvious and can be easier said than done, but really, you must eat lots of fruits and vegetables in order to boost your immune health. In fact, if you want to take it to the next level, try eating only fruits and vegetables and some meat for 30-90 days with no grains, dairy, or sugar.
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