Why I Haven’t Had a Flu Shot in Over 10 Years and Won’t Ever Get Another One

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The flu shot- every year many people question whether or not they should get one and every year it seems the news, the government and some employers try to scare you into thinking that if you don’t get one you will get really ill, because “The flu is really bad this year.” Well the reality is that the severity of the flu is usually hyped and overstated and from my experience most of the people I know who don’t get flu shots don’t get the flu either and in fact, many of the sickest people I know are those who got a flu shot.

That said, why won’t I personally ever get a flu shot? First, I don’t think I need one. I haven’t actually had the real flu in years. Yes, I’ve had cold, sinus infections, sore throats, the stomach flu and maybe a minor version of the flu that lasted a few days but the real flu, never. So why would I get it this year? As Dr. Amy Meyers, says in her recent blog post, Why You Probably Don’t Need the Flu Shot. for most people the flu shot really isn’t necessary and in fact you are putitng a lot of harmful chemicals into your body.

Second, while I could be considered high risk since I have asthma and a couple of autoimmune disorders, the flu shot compromises your immune system and can make you more likely to get the flu. In fact, the one year I did get a flu shot, I was sick all winter with one thing or another. Ever since I haven’t gotten the flu shot I have been much healthier.

Third, since I don’t get the flu shot, I assume that I am at risk for getting sick so I take extra precautions and I take total control of my health. I take a daily probiotic. I stick to my food rotation diet. I don’t eat gluten or dairy products. I use essential oils and other chinese herbs as well as a supplement of fish oil and a multi-vitamin. I exercise regularly and get regular chiropractic and acupuncture treatments. All of these things combine to create a healthy me and help me fight off infections and are much better for me than a flu shot or any kind of vaccine.

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