Thyroid Healing Guide: How to Heal Your Thyroid

thyroid healing
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Do you need help with thyroid healing? Do you even realize it is possible to heal your thyroid? Despite what most traditional doctors will tell you, you can heal your thyroid in most cases. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t need to also take thyroid medication. However, it does mean that you can avoid additional medications and thyroid removal if you act fast enough and are determined to obtain thyroid healing.

Thyroid Healing Diet

The first step in thyroid healing is to work on your diet. To start with you want to avoid gluten since gluten can in many cases attack the thyroid. That said, if you think there is even a chance you may also have celiac disease you should get tested for this first , since you must be eating gluten to do this.

However, it is important to realize that while gluten is the number one food to avoid, it is usually not enough for most people. Most people also need to avoid or at least limit dairy consumption as well as most grains. Sometimes it can be helpful to avoid nuts and other legumes too. Read this post about Keys to a good thyroid diet.

Thyroid Healing Recipes

There are lots of options when it comes to finding recipes to help with improving your thyroid health. One of the best things you can possibly eat is bone broth. In addition to that you want to explore recipes from various cookbooks especially those on paleo or AIP- autoimmune paleo. The main thing to think about when coming up with recipes that are good for your thyroid is to focus your meals on high quality, organic when possible meats, vegetables and fruits. You may be able to also have eggs and some seeds or nuts. However, some people find it helpful to find recipes that don’t have any of these either for at least the first three months.

One of the best cookbooks for autoimmune paleo is

While I personally don’t stick to the AIP diet 100% of the time. I do avoid grains 90% of the time and dairy and I currently am only eating seeds and no nuts.

Thyroid Healing Foods

In addition to finding good recipes, you also want to make sure that you fill your diet with as many thyroid healing foods as possible. I like to focus on lots of organic green vegetables such as peas in pea pods, cabbage, beets and beet greens, spinach, kale, green beans, broccoli etc as well as olive oil and coconut oil. Avocados, chia seeds, flax seeds, cassava, chicken, turkey, salmon, apples and berries are also really good.

Thyroid Healing Books

There are lots of books that you may find helpful as well. Here is a list of my favorite thyroid healing books. The challenge with many of these books though is that they often contain diet recommendations and protocols that conflict with each other. This is one reason why it is important to listen to your body and to find a good functional medicine doctor who can help you and run the right labs. If you live in the Salt Lake area, I have a good one I can recommend, or you can research online and find one. You may even have to visit a few before you find the right fit for you. That said, I have found many of the books on the thyroid to be helping in getting some good ideas and recipes, as well as suggestions to try.

Thyroid Healing Protocols

There are endless protocols in addition to diet you can try. I’ve written a few blog posts about some of the ones I have tried. In addition I recommend working with a good chiropractor and acupuncturist to help you.

The benefits of infrared sauna for thyroid.

50 Shades of Thyroid Healing.

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