50 Shades of Good Thyroid Health

thyroid health
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Do you have good thyroid health? If you are like a lot of people myself included, your thyroid health could use some improvement. Here are 50 shades of good thyroid health otherwise known as 50 things you must do to have good thyroid health.

  1. Get the right lab tests run on a regular basis- This can be harder than it seems. Thyroid labs are one of those things that too many doctors don’t do correctly. I highly recommend going to a naturopathic doctor or functional medicine doctor for these as they are a lot more likely to do them correctly.
  2. Get on the right dosage of thyroid meds. Again more difficult than it should be most of the time. You usually will have to try more than one dosage.

3. Get on the right thyroid diet. Again quite difficult. Gluten, Dairy and Nuts are common triggers but you may have to avoid other things too.

4. Read some books about thyroid health.

5. Get on the right supplements for your thyroid. Again it helps to work with a functional medicine doctor for this one.

6. Find out what supplements you are deficient on and start taking more of them.

7. Eat more anti-inflammatory foods

8. Consider turmeric. This is a powerhouse of a supplement that can help a lot of people. I know I have to have it to feel good most of the time.

9. Probiotics

10. Self-care for you and your thyroid.

11. Exercise regularly.

12. Consider digestive enzymes

13. Rethink iodine. If you have Hashimoto’s specifically you probably should not be taking iodine.

14. Re-evaluate protein shakes. A lot of them have added junk and things in them that aren’t good for your thyroid. I really like the Vegan ones from Sprouts, this vegan one from Doterra and Paleo Protein Ones from Amy Meyers MD.

15. Try chiropractic

16. Try acupuncture

17. Make sure to get adequate amounts of sleep each night.

18. Get a thyroid scan to check for any nodules or other severe thyroid problems.

19. Find a good functional medicine doctor to work with.

20. Know that it’s a journey to heal your thyroid that won’t go away overnight.

21.Try a blend of clove, lemongrass and peppermint essential oils to help support your thyroid.

22. Try infrared sauna.

23. Gain control of your emotional health

24. Consider grounding.

25. Consider EMF blocking. EMF’s from electronic devices can cause or make worse immune problems in some people.

26. Eat more beets. Beets are one of the top ten best foods for your thyroid.

27. Eat more mushrooms. Mushrooms have selenium in them which can really help your thyroid.

28. Eat more Brussels sprouts.

29. Eat more sweet potatoes. Another great food for your thyroid.

30. Work on meal planning. Always a good idea not only for thyroid health for for health in general.

31. Consider giving up nuts. These can be hard on your digestive system.

32. More probiotic foods. Again really good for your gut and digestive system.

33. Eat more dark chocolate.

34. Consider trying reflexology.

35. Figure out if you have an underlying infection that may be causing your thyroid problems. Epstein Barr is a common one.

36. Eat more foods with zinc in them. Zinc is really good for both your thyroid and your immune system.

37. Go outside every day.

38. Give yourself permission to take down time when needed.

39. Soak in epsom salts baths regularly.

40. Drink plenty of water.

41. Keep a food journal.

42. Work on improving your adrenal glands. Your thyroid and adrenals go hand and hand together.

43. Avoid too much coffee and other energy drinks and stimulants.

44. Recognize the connections between your gut and your thyroid health.

45. Work on improving your hormones.

46. Eat organic as much as possible.

47. Recognize the importance of working on thyroid health.

48. Be grateful and acknowledge your blessings.

49. Have Faith.

50. Never Give Up.

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