gluten free diet and lifestyle

How to Really Succeed With a Gluten Free Diet and Lifestyle

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gluten free diet and lifestyle

Have you ever tried to implement a gluten free diet and a gluten free lifestyle? or Maybe you are doing it now but you are still struggling with it? In either case, it’s a lot harder to actually succeed at a 100% gluten free diet and lifestyle than you might think. It is also crucial that you do give up gluten 100% or you will not see the benefits. Unlike some other things such as dairy for example, you cannot eat any gluten ever.

So how do you make this happen without tearing your hair out?


Yes it’s hard. But… you can do it and I can help if you need it.

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Or you can try to do it on your own, which will be a lot harder but it can be done.

Here are some tips:

1. If possible eliminate all gluten containing foods from your house. In some cases you may not be able to do this as you may live with others who eat gluten and who are not willing to give it up. If you cannot remove it completely, then you will need to have more will power and you will need to take extra steps to make sure you do not accidentally get glutened. If you are worried about problems with children who do not want to give up their favorite gluten containing foods, then read my other blog post, How to Make Kid Pleasing Gluten Free and Dairy Free Meals Without Breaking the Bank for some tips. Children by in large will eat what you feed them. It will take some adjustments in the beginning but if you have to have a completely gluten free household then it can be done. That said, if you are not able to remove it completely, then you will need to take extra precautions. This includes making absolutely certain that any non-gluten free foods are cooked, and served in completely different dishes and that the same utensils are never used. You also should store any gluten free oats in it’s own container separate from oats that are not gluten free. These are just a few examples.

2. Be completely committed to the gluten free lifestyle. Be willing to do whatever it takes and understand the consequences for your health if you don’t stick to it.

3. Get the support of your close friends and family. It is especially crucial that you get the support of those you live with or anyone with whom you eat meals on a regular basis. It may take time and you may have to educate them on why you must be gluten free otherwise they will likely not understand and may even try to sabotage your efforts at succeeding with a gluten free diet.

4. Know that being gluten free is a journey and a process and that you will always need to be learning and educating yourself about the lifestyle and about other ways to improve your health beyond just not eating gluten.

5. Do meal planning and plan for your gluten free shopping for the entire week on either Saturday or Sunday. Then stick to your menus. Watch my video on how to do this at: How to Create a Gluten Free Shopping List

6. Be prepared for those times when you are not in control of the food that will be served. Have a plan in advance even if that means brining some of your own gluten free food with you or not eating at a certain restaurant even when everyone else is eating and enjoying the food. Also know what questions to ask when eating out to determine if the food is really gluten free or not. There are a lot of restaurants serving so called gluten free menu options that really are not. For example if the pasta or potato fries are cooked in the same water or fried in the same fryer with food that has gluten in them, then that food will become cross contaminated and is not truly gluten free.

Along with this I high recommend that you do not eat out at any restaurants unless they are certified gluten free. (No gluten is allowed in the building) for at least the first 6 months that you are on a gluten free diet. This can be really tough especially if you are used to eating out or if you go out a lot with your job. However, every time you eat at a restaurant that is not certified gluten free, you are risking exposure to gluten and it’s really not worth the risk.

Here is a recorded video you can watch on how to prepare simple healthy and delicious gluten free meals.

7. Be prepared for when you are traveling and on the go. This can be one of the hardest times and one of the biggest challenges you will encounter with the gluten free lifestyle. Watch this video I did on gluten free while traveling.

8. Become a master food label reader. Understand what gluten free really means on labels on food. Just because something says gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean you should eat it.

Watch this video to learn why and how to read labels for the gluten free diet.

Overwhelmed with all the options and everything you need to do to make a gluten free diet and lifestyle a success?
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