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How an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Can Help With Allergies

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How an Anti-Inflamatory Diet Can Help with Allergies-2

Do you have allergies that drive you nuts? Do your eyes, ears, nose and throat swell up? Did you know that inflammation that is out of control is one of the causes for allergies that never seem to go away. While most doctors either don’t know or won’t tell you, it is possible to control these allergies most of the time with an anti-inflamatory diet.

What exactly does this mean? While it can get complicated, the simple way to explain it is that everyone needs some inflammation in their bodies in order to stay alive, however, inflammation that gets out of control is the primary root cause of all illnesses and pain. If you have allergies you have inflammation that is too high. If you have a headache, or a backache or digestive issues then you have inflammation that is too high etc.

Most people will use medicines such as tylenol or ibuprofen to lower inflammation therefore also lowering the pain. However, there are a lot of foods that you can use to lower your inflammation in a more natural and safer way. This is also true for allergies. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet is one of the keys to eliminating allergy medications from your life and reducing the amount of allergies you have in your life.

In order to figure out how to eat an anti-inflammatory diet, you have to first understand how foods cause or reduce inflammation.

1. All foods either increase inflammation, reduce it, or are neutral.

2. Examples of foods that reduce inflammation include: berries (all berries but blueberries and strawberries are the strongest), cherries, green vegetables although certain ones such as broccoli, and cabbage are higher than others, nuts, (they must be the raw unsalted and unfrosted ones.) avocados, fish oil, and most kinds of fish but especially salmon. These are not all the foods that help reduce inflammation but are some of the better ones.

3. Examples of foods that increase inflammation include: white bread, pasta, fries, fried chicken, anything deep fried, all processed foods and most food you eat at restaurants, canola oil, and some other kinds of fats, meats and dairy products.

4. Examples of foods that are neutral include things like iceberg lettuce, apples and roasted or baked chicken or other meats.

In short, in order to reduce your inflammation by eating an anti-inflammatory diet and therefore reducing your allergies, you must eat more than half of your diet from foods that are anti-inflammatory and the other half must include at least 70% of the foods that are neutral.

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