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The 5 Deadly Sins of a Gluten Free Lifestyle

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A gluten free lifestyle can be a challenge and most especially in the beginning. In order to succeed with a gluten free lifestyle, there are five deadly sins of a gluten free lifestyle that you want to avoid.

1. Begining a gluten free lifestyle because you think it’s healthier, because it’s a fad, or because you think it will help you lose weight. A gluten free lifestyle is not for everyone. You must have a good strong reason for going gluten free. If not, you won’t be able to sustain it long-term. For most people, it’s either having Celiac disease, Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s, a gluten sensitivity or allergy or something else serious.

2. Eating unlimited amounts of every box of cookies, crackers, pasta and other things that say gluten free on them. Just because it’s gluten free doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Sure you can eat some gluten free cookies, crackers, granola bars etc, but you really want to be careful how much of those things you eat.

3. Failing to realize that implementing a gluten free lifestyle, can cause you to have mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and that you need to watch out for these. B-12 and Selenium are the most common. I have to take a supplement of both of these every day.

4. Eating too much rice, sugar, and corn. While these things can be fine in moderation, too much of these things can cause a lot of health issues. In fact, some people can start to develop the same problems they have with gluten when eating too much of these things.

5. Failure to work on actually healing your gut. This includes doing things like taking probiotics, eating fermented foods, and other things to help you improve your digestion and overall gut health.

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