Powerful Uses of Thyme Essential Oil

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Have you ever wondered about the uses of Thyme essential oil? While thyme essential oil is one of the less commonly used essential oils and many people are familiar with the herb thyme and not the essential oil, thyme essential oil has many great uses.

  1. Thyme essential oil has a lot of antioxidant properties making it a great essential oil for cleaning. In fact, I have a cleaner from a health store that contains thyme essential oil as the main ingredient. You could easily make your own by combining about 10 drops of thyme essential oil with a basic homemade cleaner. You could also make a great hand soap by putting a few drops of thyme essential oil with castille soap.
  2. It is also great for diffusing to cleanse the air. You can just put a few drops with water in your diffuser. That said, thyme essential oil has a very strong smell similar to oregano, so I recommend combining it with a floral or fruit scent rather than just diffusing thyme by itself.
  3. Thyme is also great for boosting your immune system. I like to combine it with oregano, or melaleuca and mix a few drops of each with a carrier oil and applying it to the bottoms of my feet. I like to do this as soon as I think I might be coming down with something or in Winter as a precautionary effort.
  4. Even if you have never used thyme essential oil, you have no doubt used the herb thyme with cooking. Just like thyme the herb makes a great flavoring in soups, stews, and with meat dishes, you can also use 1 drop of thyme essential oil. However, because thyme essential oil is so hot, you want to make sure to only use 1 drop unless you are cooking a large batch of something and then maybe 2 drops.
  5. Thyme can also repel insects and be used as part of a homemade insect repellant.

Do you use thyme essential oil? What is your favorite way to use it?

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