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25 Strategies to Boost Your Energy

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Do you ever struggle to boost your energy? If so, you are not alone. Here are 25 strategies to boost your energy that I have used successfully.

  1. Acupuncture- This is one of the best ones for me. It really helps me boost energy from allergies and other health issues especially.
  2. Cat nap- Take a quick nap for no more than 30 minutes. If you sleep longer than that, you may get even more tired.
  3. Exercise- yes really. Make yourself do it, even if only for a few minutes.
  4. Wild orange and peppermint essential oil– This combo is the best for boosting your energy. I love to rub 2 drops of each on my wrists and smell them.
  5. Vitamin c drink- I like to use the Sprouts brand since I find it a lot better than EmergenC.
  6. Go outside- yes really. Just going outside can boost your energy level.
  7. Drink water- simple but true it really works.
  8. Infrared sauna-This always works for me.
  9. Watch what you eat– Yes really certain foods can boost your energy or drain your energy.
  10. Avoid sugar- Yes I know sugar can temporarily boost your energy but it will drain your energy after that and it just isn’t good for your health anyway.
  11. Get enough sleep- It’s a no brainer but can be easier said than done.
  12. Splash some water on your face
  13. Do some breathing exercises
  14. Turn of the TV and all electronics for 1 hour
  15. Dance
  16. Listen to some upbeat music
  17. Jump in a swimming pool
  18. Go for a walk
  19. Eat some chocolate
  20. Drink some green juice or a green smoothie
  21. Smell some citrus fruits
  22. Drink some apple cider vinegar
  23. Take a bath or shower- using cold water will wake you up more.
  24. Use a neti pot
  25. Find a dog to play with

Which of these energy boosting ideas are your favorite? Got another energy boosting idea you think works really well?

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