7 Effortless Emotional Wellness Strategies

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Are you struggling with emotional wellness right now? The reality is that most if not all of us are.

So here are seven great emotional wellness strategies you can use to help you improve your emotional wellness.

  1. Breathe. Literally. Too often we get so overwhelmed with our emotions that we forget to take time for breathing.
  2. Use essential oils, yes really. There are a lot of great ones that can support your emotional wellness in many ways.
  3. Exercise- even if it means only going outside and running or walking in place for 10 minutes. Do whatever form of exercise you can and you will find that this will help your emotional state.
  4. Reach out for support. Whether that’s from friends, family, neighbors, your church, whoever you can get to help support you.
  5. Pray and have faith. God will take care of you and you can rely on him for support and for emotional help. Relying on God can also help you to have a long term perspective and to realize that no challenges ever last forever.
  6. Avoid the news and all negative sources of information. Yes really, if you are struggling emotionally, one of the best emotional wellness activities you can do is to avoid things that drag you down emotionally. For a lot of us this may include social media.
  7. Service- find ways that you can serve others. Service doesn’t have to be huge. It can be small things that mean the most.
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