How to Make a Car or Room in Your House Allergen Free

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One of the readers of this blog sent me an email about a month ago and asked me this question: How do I make my car allergen free? It has had lots of animals in it and I’ve tried everything I can think of to get rid of the allergens.

So I thought I would address this in a blog post. This information will apply to both cars, homes, a room in a house and anything else that are trying to make allergen free.

1. Know and understand that depending upon the animals, pollen, dust, or other allergens that have been in the car or room in the past, you may not be able to make that space totally allergen free. That is just a reality and is another reason why you need to take action to take charge of your own health with diet, nutrition, supplements and more.

2. Purchase hypoallergenic cases, and covers for the car seats and for any furniture that you have. These can help protect them and make it a lot harder for allergens to hide inside them.

3. If the carpet has not been replaced recently consider replacing it. This applies only to rooms in a house and you will want to test a sample of the carpet before doing it.

4. Stop cleaning your house and car with commercial cleaners and chemicals. Use natural cleaners instead. This can be huge for many people and most people do not understand this but cleaners have allergens in them and can make allergies worse for many people.

5. Consider re-painting the room if at all possible.

6. Hire a professional to thoroughly re-clean your car using as many green cleaners and as few chemicals as possible.

Other ideas? Comments?

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