How to Choose an Allergen Free Skin Care Line

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allergen free skin care

Choosing an allergen free skin care line can be challenging. In today’s day and age, there are all kinds of chemicals in many skin care products that can cause reactions, rashes and allergies in many people. Even if you don’t have a reaction to a product, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is safe and healthy. The word natural is overused and is mostly a marketing word and even organic doesn’t necessarily mean safe. That said there are ways to find allergen free skin care and skin care products that are healthy. Here are a few things specifically to look for:

1. Make sure that there is no SLS- sodium laurel sulfate, or SLES in the product. These are two of the most common chemicals and not only are they a cause of allergies in many people but they can also cause candida and yeast infections as well as other health issues.

2. Check for a gluten free label. This is obviously even more important if you have to be gluten free, but even then this can be a sign that a product is allergen free. That said, some things that are gluten free are not necessarily healthy due to other chemicals and just because something is not gluten free doesn’t mean it’s dangerous or that you will have an allergic reaction to the skin care product.

3. Look for vegetable extracts in the product. This is another good sign that the product really is natural and has things in it that are good for you.

4. Never buy skin care products from places like bath and body works, the body shop, walmart, target and other stores. The best places to get allergen free skin care products is from stores like Whole Foods, and the Good Earth or from direct sales companies with sales reps. That said, you can’t just assume that everything you find from these places is good and allergen free. There are still many products sold and advertised as natural and allergen free from these places that may not actually be that way.

5. Look for fragrance. If a product is fragrance free, then your chances of having an allergic reaction go down significantly. Fragrances cause skin allergy reactions in a lot of people.

6. Look for products that are enhanced with essential oils. These can help with healing, reduce allergies and more.

7. If you know that are allergic to certain products, read labels to make sure that none of your known allergens are in that skin care product. Whatever you put on your skin also absorbs into your body.

8. Try a little bit of the product before using a large amount. Usually if you are going to have a skin reaction, it will happen within an hour of using it.

10 Resources for an Allergy Free Thanksgiving

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allergy free thanksgiving

Having an allergy free Thanksgiving can be a challenge, especially if you are eating dinner with a group of people who do not share your same allergies. Here are ten resources I found that can help:

1. Gluten Free Lady– This is a gluten free website with recipes created by my friend and former business partner Sue Seward.

2. Cooking with Quinoa– This is a site that has amazing recipes on how to cook everything you can think of and then some with quinoa, including many deserts and pasteries.

3. Spaghetti Squash recipe– learn how to make a great spaghetti dish with squash.

4. Gluten free brownies by Betty Crocker– Make gluten free brownies easily.

5. Gluten free and vegan stuffing. Learn how to make a gluten free and vegan stuffing.

6. Fruit Juicer Recipes– make some great fruit juices and avoid allergies common in other drinks as well as too much sugar.

7. 22 Easy Vegetable Sides– These vegetable sides are made of mostly just vegetables.

8. Easy Eats Gluten Free and more.
More great gluten free and vegan recipes for Thanksgiving and beyond.

9. A great tomato soup recipe.

10. Healthy Living with Joline– Raw food coach- eat raw and you will never worry about food allergies.

How to Plan the Ultimate Allergy Free Party

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Anyone who struggles with allergies knows that one of the biggest challenges can be attending parties. Usually food and drink is served that contains allergens of one kind of another and many people may or may not be understanding of your need to avoid certain foods. Furthermore, candles, air fresheners, animals and other environmental hazards for allergy suffers may increase your problems. So what can you do? Why not plan your own allergy free party and invite not only people who also have allergies but also others who don’t so that they can experience an allergy free party and see that it is possible to enjoy yourself without having to worry about allergies at the same time?

Here are some tips for planning an allergy free party:

1. Create an allergy free menu. Decide what allergens you want to avoid. The more allergens you choose the harder it will be but more people will be able to eat the food that you serve.

2. Avoid wheat and gluten regardless of what you decide to do since many people are allergic or have problems with it than many other allergens.

3. Include a variety of foods. Examples include: rice crackers, apple slices, dairy free ice cream or yogurt, soy milk, a veggie tray etc.

4. Decide what you will do about environmental allergens. For example, how will you create a nice warm and good smelling atmosphere? Depending upon your allergies you may want to still burn a candle or you may want to spray or diffuse some essential oils into the air instead.

5. Avoid having animals or pets present. If you have them make arrangements for them to not be there during the party.

6. Thoroughly clean your residence and use allergen free cleaners.

7. Relax and enjoy!

Allergy Free Menu Planning Tips

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allergy free menu

Menu planning when you have allergies can be a real pain. However if you don’t do it, then you are more likely to give in and eat foods you are allergic too and end up sick. So here are some tips for allergy free menu planning.

1. Plan your meals one week head. This can be hard to do but once you get in the habit of setting aside the time to do it, you can make it happen.

2. Prepare take and go allergy free foods or buy some allergy free foods that are, so that you are prepared to eat on the go.

3. Buy allergy free products in bulk. This makes it so that you always have some on hand, plus they are less expensive that way. This is especially true with things such as quinoa, rice flour and coconut milk.

4. Find new recipes to try online and in cookbooks and then once a week include a few new recipes with your allergy free menu planning.

5. Cook as much in advance as possible and store portions for meals in your fridge and cupboard. This makes it easier to have food ready to go and planning is easier when you are see how much you have of some items already cooked.

How to Make a Car or Room in Your House Allergen Free

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One of the readers of this blog sent me an email about a month ago and asked me this question: How do I make my car allergen free? It has had lots of animals in it and I’ve tried everything I can think of to get rid of the allergens.

So I thought I would address this in a blog post. This information will apply to both cars, homes, a room in a house and anything else that are trying to make allergen free.

1. Know and understand that depending upon the animals, pollen, dust, or other allergens that have been in the car or room in the past, you may not be able to make that space totally allergen free. That is just a reality and is another reason why you need to take action to take charge of your own health with diet, nutrition, supplements and more.

2. Purchase hypoallergenic cases, and covers for the car seats and for any furniture that you have. These can help protect them and make it a lot harder for allergens to hide inside them.

3. If the carpet has not been replaced recently consider replacing it. This applies only to rooms in a house and you will want to test a sample of the carpet before doing it.

4. Stop cleaning your house and car with commercial cleaners and chemicals. Use natural cleaners instead. This can be huge for many people and most people do not understand this but cleaners have allergens in them and can make allergies worse for many people.

5. Consider re-painting the room if at all possible.

6. Hire a professional to thoroughly re-clean your car using as many green cleaners and as few chemicals as possible.

Other ideas? Comments?