25 Resources for Gluten Free Food

gluten free food
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Finding gluten free food can be a real pain. Especially when you want to find gluten free food that tastes good and that is easy and quick to eat when on the go. Here are 25 great resources or places to get gluten free food.

1. Health food store. Nowadays many grocery stores have gluten free food but often health food stores have even more.

2. Enjoy Life. This brand has created a whole line of delicious gluten free cookies.

3. Blue Diamond- a brand of great tasting gluten free crackers, and other gluten free products.

4. Quinoa- this great gluten free grain is similar to rice

5. Google gluten free restaurants and your city and you will be amazed at what you will find.

6. Dish Freely- an iphone app to help you find gluten free dishes nearby.

7. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables- they are gluten free. Yes I know but I couldn’t resist including it.

8. Ask your favorite restaurant when you order if they have a gluten free version. You will be surprised how many places can do this for you.

9. Udis bread. This company makes great tasting gluten free bread.

10. Find a gluten free bakery. Use Google to search for them in your local area. They are starting to appear everywhere and many of these bakeries also have their food in grocery stores as well.

11. Nutrition and supplement stores.

12. Read specialty magazines. Living Without is a great example.

13. Go to youtube and search for gluten free food and see what ideas appear.

14. Ask your friends on facebook for ideas.

15. Ask twitter for ideas about gluten free food.

16. Ask your friends and family.

17. Check amazon.com This may seem crazy but amazon has a large selection of food including gluten free food.

18. Check out any organic or natural food based cafes or restaurants. These are growing in popularity and most have at least a selection of gluten free food.

19. Search meetup.com for gluten free meetups then attend and ask the attendees for ideas.

20. Find support groups for celliacs and get great ideas.

21. Check out the gluten free expo that comes to most major convention centers about once a year.

22. Attend other health and wellness expos and ask.

23. Do an online search for gluten free recipes.

24. Experiment with making your own gluten free food.

25. Look in the food isles at the store for gluten free versions of other foods. Usually they are right next to each other and easily viewable.

What other ideas do you have about finding gluten free food?

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