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5 Great Mood Health Apps

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Do you use any mood health apps? If not, you really want to keep reading to learn about my five favorite mood health apps. Even if you do these these apps, I recommend you take a look anyway to see if I have some I use that are different than yours.

  1. Modern Health- This is an app that offers personalized coaching and counseling sessions on a variety of mental health topics. It’s usually a paid app, although you may be able to get a few free sessions through your work. This is how I found out about this app. My work offers 4 free sessions. Even if you have to pay for the sessions, they are really reasonable in cost.

2. Jour- This app offers a free version and then a paid person for $7 monthly or $60 annually. The focus on Jour is using journaling to improve your mental health and your mood. You journal and write down your thoughts and feelings and it uses AI to help give you suggestions on what to improve.

3. My Life- This app is part mental health and part meditation. While there are paid options, the free portion is plenty for most people. This app asks you how you are feeling in various areas and then suggests breathing exercises, meditations and journaling exercises to help you improve your moods and mental health.

4. Affirmations- This free app. (There may be paid parts too I just haven’t used or discovered them.) It gives you a new affirmation each day to help you improve your mood, your attitude of gratitude, and other aspects of your life. You also can record yourself repeating the affirmations.

5. Happify- This app does what the name implies. It focuses on helping you become happier. There are articles, blog posts, and meditations to help you get happier and improve your emotional wellness. You also rate yourself each day and the recommendations change based on how you rate yourself.

Which of these apps have you used? Do you have any other mood health apps I should have included on this list? Share with me in the comments below.

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