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Why I Have Fewer Allergies In France

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As some of you may know if you’ve read my about page or have followed me in other places online, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in France. While it’s been several years since my last trip to France, I have noticed that in general, I have fewer allergies in France.  Why? While I’m not sure why all the reasons are that I have fewer allergies in France, here are some of the reasons why I believe this is true. By the way, no I’m not planning to move to France, instead, this is meant as an interesting essay of sorts on why I believe we have more allergies in the United States. 

  1. In France, skin care products, bath and body products and other household products have fewer chemicals. In the United States chemicals such as sulfates are in almost everything. In France, they are rare if not banned in many things. 
  2. Cleaning products in France have fewer chemicals and fewer synthetics.  In the United States chemical loaded cleaning products such as bleach are commonplace, in France natural alternatives are more common.
  3. Common products such as wheat and milk are processed completely differently in France and as a result are easier on the digestive systems of many people. Milk specifically isn’t processed in France and is sold in boxes un-refrigerated rather than being sold in gallons in a fridge. 
  4. GMOs in foods are rare in France rather than being used all the time like they are in the United States. 
  5. Most perfumes, lotions and other scented products actually have real perfumes, essential oils and herbs in them in France, whereas, in the US, even those that are supposedly natural are usually synthetic. 
  6. France, in general, has less pollution from cars. In France a lot more people are used to walking, biking, and using public transportation. You don’t find everyone owning a car in France. 
  7. In France, there is less of a focus on allergy medications and drugs for everything. Yes, they still use drugs but less than in the U.S. and especially for allergies.  While allergy medications can help allergies, long-term use can also increase allergies. 

Have you noticed that you have fewer allergies when visiting or living in a different state or country than your home state or country? Tell me about it in the comments. 


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