Are you really ready to change your life and live a life of greater health and wellness?

Are you sick and tired of being tired and wanting more energy?

Do you need and want a higher quality and more restful sleep at night?

Are you trying to eat gluten free, dairy free, or follow another kind of diet and yet you are overwhelmed and confused by what you need to do to make your diet and healthy eating work for you and your family?

Do you have a child with allergies, food allergies, autism, sensory issues or other challenges that require him or her to follow a specific diet and you are overwhelmed and need help?

Then working with me as a health coach just may be the fit you are looking for.

I offer one one one coaching with either 3 month or 6 month packages. Each package includes 2 1 hour sessions per month with me, plus access to a database of health and wellness pdfs, exercises, recipes and more customized your specific needs.  Package pricing will be shared at the time of your wellness consultation. 

I also offer some limited health coaching and resources for those who choose to partner with me in Doterra. 

For those of you who are interesting in enrolling in Doterra with me, here is what I offer:

1. Comprehensive education on living a wellness lifestyle with essential oils.
2. Monthly coaching sessions on how to improve your diet and eating habits.
3. Recipe books, a sleep journal and other information guides to help you improve your wellness.
4. A Facebook group were you can interact with other essential oil enthusiasts.
5. A series of educational classes on how to use essential oils for various purposes including cleaning and cooking. I offer these on a regular basis via both Facebook, webinars and in person.

In short, you aren’t just purchasing essential oils, supplements and skin care like you would at a store, you are also getting health and wellness coaching, education and support along with your purchase.

Schedule your appointment to chat with me below.

Or maybe you already know you want to enroll? Go to my Doterra site and sign up as a wholesale member and I will be in touch.

Want some help via self-study? Check out my ebooks and online courses here.