How to Have a Successful Gluten Free Barbecue

gluten free barbecue
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With the arrival of Memorial Day at the end of May, barbecue season is upon us. Who doesn’t love a good barbeque? However, if you are gluten free you need to do some advance planning and be careful because otherwise having a gluten free barbecue may or may not happen and you may even accidentally get glutened at your barbecue. Here are the steps to follow to have a successful gluten free barbecue.

1. Plan in advance. If you are not doing the barbecue at your residence, make sure that the host knows that you are gluten free and if necessary explain to him or her what that means.

2. Have some tin foil ready for cooking your meat in order to avoid cross contamination with the other meats and items being cooked on the grill. If you ask the cook to use it politely or if you offer to cook your meat yourself it won’t be a problem.

3. If you like buns purchase your own gluten free buns rather than expecting a host to provide them.

4. Do what you can to find out what other foods will be served and if necessary offer to bring your own sides or appetizers that are gluten free.

5. Do your own research to find a gluten free barbecue sauce and other condiments that you can eat. Bring your own 1-2 person serving portions if necessary.

6. Avoid making a big deal about being gluten free and just eat your own food indescretely if necessary. The only person who really has to know unless they ask, is the person or people doing the cooking if it isn’t you.

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