10 Things I Never Buy at Walmart

never buy at walmart
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Last week I wrote a post about the 10 things I always buy at Walmart, so today I thought I would write about the things I never (or almost never buy at Walmart.)

  1. Essential Oils- Unless this is your first post you’ve read that I’ve written, you probably already know the why on this one. Walmart’s essential oils- (if you can even call them that) aren’t high quality period. They are among the worst, if not the worst around. They are synthetic and cheap and no way are they pure. They sell for way too little money and they usually charge the same amount for each oil. (this is one of the biggest red flags that a brand of essential oils aren’t pure.)

2. Meat- while I’m sure the meat at Walmart isn’t the worst, I prefer higher quality, antibiotic free, and organic when possible and most if not all of Walmart’s meats don’t fit this description. I prefer just about any other store over Walmart for meat.

3. Fruits and Vegetables- while I have bought an occasional fruit or vegetable here and there, I prefer to stick with Smiths (Kroger), Harmons, or Sprouts.

4. Candy- While Walmart’s candy isn’t horrible I prefer to get it elsewhere.

5. Most skin care products- With very few exceptions- Walmart’s skin care products are full of chemicals and aren’t the highest quality. I prefer either Doterra or Trader Joe’s for my skin care products.

6. Clothing- I’ve bought a few clothing items at Walmart and the quality just wan’t good. The items broke or tore really easily and you can find things just as good on sale and clearance at places like Macy’s or TJ maxx.

7. Vitamins- most vitamins at Walmart have sugar, frucose (a form of sugar) and chemicals and dyes listed as the first and often second ingredient. Yuck.

8. Lara Bars- These are actually really hard to find at Walmart, but even if I could find them, they are usually more expensive than on Amazon, at Vitacost, at Thrive Market or Sprouts.

9. Most Gluten free mixes- For whatever reason these are expensive at Walmart. Usually at least $1-$2 more than elsewhere.

10. Dairy Free Milk- Nothing wrong with buying this at Walmart, it is just usually not a good deal.

What do you not buy at Walmart? Tell me in the comments below.

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