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The Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils for Your Special Needs Child

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Have you thought about using essential oils for your special needs child? Many parents have and with the popularity of essential oils, the need for education on them as well as an understanding of how to use essential oils for different categories of people including special needs has arisen as well. In order to help you best understand how to use essential oils for your special needs child, here is a guide.

  1. Special needs children are just like any other child in many ways. They too need to boost their immune system, stregthen their respiratory system and need help digesting their food properly. Just like you can use peppermint for example to help a non-special needs child with stomach discomfort, you can do the same with a special needs child.
  2. Special needs children may have an aversion to certain scents more than other children. They may also have certain scents they really like more than others. So be concious of their needs and smell preferences and avoid forcing them to use any particular essential oil or to tolerate the smell in a diffuser, if they resist it.
  3. Children who have challenges with focusing and concentrating may have the opposite reaction to some essential oils. For example, lavender is usually peaceful and calming for most people but some people can actually see their energy go up with lavender and have a harder time sleeping.
  4. You may need to use more carrier oil and to dilute essential oils at a higher level with some special needs children as they may be more skin sensitive than typical children.
  5. The emotional wellness blends may be more important for some special needs children than the other essential oils. More often than not, these children can struggle with their emotions and with things such as staying grounded. Emotional essential oil blends can help with these things.
  6. Pay attention to what your child is asking for, or otherwise wanting. Children very often know what they need and will communicate this to you. This includes essential oils. Even a child who can’t speak such as one with non-verbal autism, can give you clues about what essential oils he or she might need and or want if you are paying close enough attention.
  7. Know that it’s a journey and a learning process. Just like you won’t know immediately which essential oils work best for you, you won’t know which ones work best for your special needs child either. Be willing to experiment. Study. Learn. Have fun using essential oils to help your special needs child be all that he or she can be.

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