7 Questions to Ask About Green Cleaning

green cleaning
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green cleaning

Do you do green cleaning? If not, you really should. However, before you begin green cleaning, you really should ask some questions to make sure that you do it effectively and that you are really green cleaning rather than just using fewer chemicals.

1. Is this product really green? The rules in the United States regarding the labeling of green cleaning products as well as essential oils, and so called “natural” products are really loose. Because of this there are plenty of so called “green cleaning” products available in the marketplace that really aren’t.

2. Will the green cleaning products I’m using really kill the bacteria and viruses that I’m trying to kill? Not all green cleaning products will so this is something else to consider.

3. Do I really need this green cleaning product? The reality is that many people don’t realize that water, vinegar and lemons can actually be really great green cleaners.

4. How many green cleaners do I need? The reality is probably less than you think. If you find the right one, then you will only need one.

5. Do I really need a cleaner at all? Many things can be cleaned with something like a Norwex cloth and water.

6. Will this product help with mold? Mold is a big problem and not all green cleaning products will remove mold as well.

7. How expensive are the products I’m considering using and are there cheaper alternatives? Green cleaning products are available at a wide variety of prices and costs.

As you can see there is more about green cleaning that you might think.

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