Why I’m Gluten Free Even Though I don’t Have Celiac Disease

why I'm gluten free
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Why I’m gluten free even though I don’t have celiac disease? There is what I think is a myth out there that you only need to be gluten free if you have celiac disease. Yet, in recent years going gluten free even without being celiac has become more popular and more important. Keep reading while I share with you why I’m gluten free.

To start with if you think you might be celiac it’s important to get tested before going gluten free since you cannot test for it once you are gluten free. I didn’t get tested first and so I’m not 100% sure that I’m not but I have reasons to believe that I am probably not celiac.

If you want to get a really good introduction to why you should consider removing gluten from your diet, then I recommend you start by reading the book, Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar–Your Brain’s Silent Killers. In this book Dr. David Purlmutter does a great job of explaining the problems with modern day wheat and gluten and why it is causing health issues in a lot more people than what most people and doctors are willing to admit. Gluten is causing inflammation, digestive issues and brain health issues in a lot more people than those who have celiac disease.

Before I went gluten free I was on what can be referred to a rollercoaster of being gluten free and not being gluten free. I would go gluten free for a few weeks and feel a lot better, then I would eat some and feel like crap. Literally I knew that gluten bothered me but I didn’t think I could give it up for good. Then in March 2013 I did a comprehensive allergy and food sensitivity test that showed that gluten was a severe problem for me. I was told by my doctor’s office to strictly follow it for at least 6 months. I had to give up a lot more than gluten but I did it. It worked my health dramatically improved and I lost some weight as well and had a lot more energy. While I no longer stick to everything on this list anymore, nor do I find it necessary I have never gone back to eating gluten since. (Well I cheated a little bit on my trip to France in October 2019 but gluten in France is not the same and that’s the only time I’ve cheated.)

In the years since I no longer have rashes in random places. I only get headaches during my period instead of all the time. I have a lot less frequent heart burn. I have more energy. I have significantly fewer digestive issues and I sleep a lot better. I also have Hashimoto’s which I didn’t know about until January 2018, but I had likely had since at least 2013 and being gluten free is a must for helping to keep it under control. There has also been a lot of research suggesting that all autoimmune conditions are affected negatively by gluten.

So have a persuaded you to avoid gluten yet? If not, I encourage you to at least try giving it up for a month and see what happens.

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