Why I Wear Magnets and How Magnets Can Help Your Health

magnets can help your health
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How can magnets help your health? If you are like most people the very thought of my asking you if you wear magnets for your health sounds weird or at least unusual. Yet wearing magnets for your health is actually a very good idea. Keep reading if this idea is interesting to you and I will share with you how and why I wear magnets for good health.

First, our earth is naturally magnetic and chemicals, global warming and other factors are eroding away at the magnetic strength of our planet. Our bodies are actually used to this magnetic force and it is part of what helps keep us alive and healthy. The less magnetic force we have within us, the sicker we can become.

Second, Magnets are a natural alternative to other less healthier options for helping to reduce inflammation and discomfort. If you doubt, this I dare you to give it a try. For the sake of experimenting you can just try a simple magnet from any store. Over the long term you will want to use something of higher quality and something that can be worn so the magnet doesn’t just move around and fall off.

Third, magnets last a long time. While you will eventually need to replace them, they aren’t like essential oils, CBD, herbs and other things that have to be used over the over and therefore replaced. While I like to use a combination of tools to help me have better health and to feel better, magnets are an essential tool in my toolbox.

Fourth, they are versatile. You can get magnets and magnetic wraps or tape that you can apply to different parts of your body in order to target specific areas. For example I have a magnetic back wrap that I can also use on my stomach area when I have painful menstrual cramps. I also have a magnetic ball roller I can use to massage different parts of my body as needed.

So what do you think? Have I convinced you to try out magnets for health?

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