What Happens When You Join Doterra with Me

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Are you wondering about what happens when you join Doterra? Or maybe you are already thinking about joining Doterra and aren’t sure if you want to join with me. Keep reading and I’ll share with you what happens when you join Doterra with me. (Some of these things will happen no matter who you join Doterra with others are specific to me.)

  1. First read the other post I wrote about How to Sign up for a Doterra membership to understand what it takes to join Doterra.
  2. Then once you are signed up the first thing that happens is you get a confirmation email from Doterra corporate. This email is important as it has your membership number and online login. Save it as you will need the information in order to place any orders and if you are doing Doterra as a business you will need it to access your back office.
  3. I will also get a confirmation email that says you have joined. I will reply back and send you some additional information and a request to schedule our first call within a week.
  4. When your package arrives from Doterra it will have a CD/DVD, some brochures and oil bottle label stickers. These will come along with any products you have ordered.
  5. On our first call I will discuss how to use the products you have ordered, give you some suggestions on what to order next and we will also discuss what you want to get out of Doterra. Do you want to do the business? Do you want to just casually share the products? or just be a loyal user?
  6. We will schedule future calls from time to time and if you do the business, we will speak more often than if you are a customer.
  7. I will add you to 1-3 facebook groups depending upon your level of involvement with Doterra.
  8. I will keep you up to date with all classes, webinars and other events that my team and I are doing.
  9. If you are on auto-ship, then you are eligible for free health coaching and I will explain to you how that works.
  10. I am always available to answer any questions you may have.
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