Why “Pure” Essential Oils Aren’t Always Pure?

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Pure essential oils aren’t always pure. What? Why? Yes it’s true, even though a bottle of essential oils may say 100% pure on it, that isn’t always true. As a result many people get confused by the concept of a “pure” essential oil. So here are some reasons by “pure” essential oils aren’t always pure.

1. Labeling laws. In the United States and in many other countries as well, a label on an essential oil bottle only has to have 3% of the oil in it, in order for the bottle to say 100% pure. Strange, I know but that is the rule and as a result there are a lot of essential oil bottles that have only 3-5% of the oil but say 100% pure.

2. Many essential oil companies and especially those that have essential oils at cheap prices, include additional parts of the plant in a bottle in addition to the oil. So it is possible for the bottle to have 100% of the plant in a bottle but not 100% of the essential oil.

3. Real pure therapeutic grade essential oil from many plants is very expensive. A lot of companies know that if they really put the real pure thing in a bottle and 100% of it, then very few people would buy it. A good example of this is rose essential oil. It takes over 100 petals crushed just to get 1 drop and so a 5ml bottle should cost at least $200. Anything less and there is no way that it is 100% essential oil in the bottle.

4. Many essential oils have carrier oils such as olive, sunflower or coconut oil added in with the essential oil so technically they can say they are “pure” because there is only oil in the bottle.

To learn more about the ways that various companies add things to essential oils so that they are not totally pure, watch the following video with essential oil chemistry expert Dr. Robert Pappas.

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