Grapefuit Acne Spot Treatment- Citrus Clear Review

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If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, or even if this is your first post, it should be obvious that chemicals in skin care are something I am really passionate about educating people about and about working to eliminate as much as possible. I believe we have too many natural options available to be putting chemicals into our bodies that in many cases will have unwanted long term side effects. So when Citrus Clear asked me to try and review their grapefruit acne spot treatment, I was more than happy to do so. I reviewed their citrus-clear-organic-moisturizer-and-shielo-complexion-moisturizerlast summer and I found this acne spot treatment to be the perfect match to go with these products.

While many products claim to be “natural”, only some actually are. This is one product you can be sure is natural and chemical free. If you look at the list of ingredients, the first thing you notice is that everything can be easily pronounced and all of the ingredients are either: 1- an herb- 2- an essential oil 3- a vitamin with the except of glyercin, and phenxyethanol and even these are originally from a plant source.

The citrus clear acne spot treatment also has colloidal silver which is great for helping to boost the health of your skin and for helping with your immune system. Green tea which is also in this product is great for your skin as well.

Okay so now that you know about all the great things in this acne spot treatment. What did I like about it?

1- The smell- it smells really good. Which isn’t surprising since witch hazel, orange and grapefruit are three of the main ingredients.

2.- the feel- it felt really good putting it on my skin and it absorbed quickly whereas some products stay on the surface of your skin for too long and therefore create an itchy or greasy feeling.

3- how versatile it is. You don’t have to wash it off and it can be used on any part of your body. While I used it mostly on my face, I did use it a few times in other places where I had a pimple or other skin disaffirmation.

All in all I really like the citrus clear grapefruit acne spot treatment and I’m sure I’ll be buying more. I do have to make sure you know though that if you have really bad acne that has already developed, you will probably need to reply it multiple times and it won’t just disappear right away. However, if you have a small spot that is just starting to form, one application will probably do the trick.

Want to buy some? Get it here.

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