My review of How to Make Disease Disappear

how to make disease disappear
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Have you ever wondered how to make disease disappear? Of course, you have. In fact, you may have even thought that making disease disappear is impossible. However, in order to have a life of abundant health you have to make any major diseases that you may be suffering with disappear. You also have to learn the principles of how to make disease disappear in the future and preventative measures to make sure you avoid developing additional diseases in the future.

So how did I find out about this book? I actually discovered it via an interview with the author Dr. Regan Chatergee on Amanda Cook’s wellpreneur podcast.

I have to say that I was impressed with this book. I’ve read a lot of health and wellness books. Probably at least 300 and this book is at the top of my list.

In short how to make disease disappear is a comprehensive guide on how to live a wellness lifestyle and how to help you body heal naturally from any disease that you may already have.

Each chapter focused on a specific action step that you can take to improve your wellness and make disease disappear along with questions for you to answer to help you implement the content in that chapter.

The action steps are also presented in a list format with blank lines for you to take notes.

While the sections include many wellness ideas that aren’t new or unique, the book does include some new ideas that I haven’t seen in other books. For example, some of the sections include: Relax, phone free time, Keep a gratitude journal, Reclaim your table and many more.

Another thing that is really unique about “How to Make Disease Disappear” is that aside for a small mention that some people may need to go gluten free or dairy free there is no real mention of following any specific diet. Instead you are told to eat 5 different vegetables per day and to avoid added sugar as well as other generic healthy eating advice.

In short, this book provides you with a helpful guide to help you make changes in your health and to be your own kind of health coach. I’m also planning to use this book as a guide with my health coaching in the future.

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