How to choose a Chiropractor

how to chose a chiropractor
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how to chose a chiropractor

Many people that I have met or talked with know that they need to see a chiropractor in order to solve their back pain and back problems or in some cases knee pain, headaches and other issues. That said, many of them are also hesitant to go to one either because of previous bad experiences or because they don’t know what to expect or they have heard bad things from others about chiropractors. While I can understand their concerns, I have personally used chiropractic as an important part of my health and wellness plan for three and a half years now and I will never stop going because of how much better I feel. I get sick less often. I seldom have back pain any more whereas my back hurt all the time before. My asthma is pretty much gone. Not exclusively because of chiropractic. I also use essential oils and stopped taking drinking cow’s milk and these things helped too but chiropractic is a big part of it. I sleep better, have more energy and overall I am in a lot less pain. I am allergy free most of the time again not exclusively because of chiropractic but it has helped. If you are in pain, I can’t recommend enough to you that you find a good chiropractor and give it some time to work for you.

Here are some ideas on how to choose a good chiropractor:

1. Get recommendations from friends and family. I found mine my asking my mom. While she doesn’t go to mine because she has had back surgery and has to go to a specialist, nearly everyone else in my family goes to the same chiropractor. Even if no one in your family has a chiropractor they use, chances are good they know as least one that someone they know has used.

2. Find a few that are located in a location convenient to you and call and ask if they offer a free or extremely discounted evaluation. Many chiropractors do and it is worth your time to visit more than one if necessary.

3. Find out exactly what you need and research chiropractors to make sure that you find one that offers what you need. While all chiropractors have basic services they offer, some even offer additional services such as weight loss programs, allergy testing, drawing blood and evaluating your overall health, recommending supplements and herbal remedies, massages etc.

4. Don’t be afraid to switch chiropractors if you deem it necessary. Some can be too pushy or try to upsell you things that you don’t need. Keep in mind though that it is normal to need 2-3 visits per week for your first 6-8 weeks of treatment, 1 visit per week for 1-2 months after that, and 1 visit every 1-2 weeks forever. In order for chiropractic treatment to work and to be lasting you need an adjustment regularly. You can’t get them for a short time and then stop. That is just the way your body and spine works.

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5 thoughts on “How to choose a Chiropractor”

  1. Chiropractic care is not just for those patients who have been involved in an accident or suffer from chronic neck or back pain. Chiropractic care can benefit many people with a great number of health conditions.

  2. If you sleep on your back. Place a pillow under your head and shoulders, a rolled up towel under your neck, and one under your knees to maintain your three curves. Always use a supportive mattress, and never sleep on your stomach.

  3. larissa says:

    This is an awesome little guide on making sure you come out with the best chiropractic care! You provide plenty of new and detailed information and your post is concise and quite helpful, especially to the new person not familiar with chiropractors. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. john Mahoney says:

    My back has been giving me issues lately, I think it’s time to find a chiropractor. I didn’t realize that chiropractors often offer free evaluations, I agree that it is definitely worth your time to look into it. another thing I would keep in mind is that, as with any other doctor, I need to be very specific about my symptoms, taking care of your back is serious business.

  5. Christina says:

    You make a good point about knowing someone who uses a chiropractor. Even if a family member does not see one, there’s usually someone they know who does use one at one point in time.

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