25 Ways to Have More Passion in Life

more passion in life
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Do you want to have more passion in life? The reality is that most people do want more passion. In addition living a passionate life can also be a life that is more fulfilling and satisfying.

However, it can be hard to know what to do to have more passion in life. So here are 25 ways you can have more passion in life.

  1. Recognize what things you are the most passionate about and then find ways to do those things more often.
  2. Recognize and understand the why behind everything big you do in life. Read the book Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action This book will help you understand the why behind what you do and how to make your actions be filled with more passion.
  3. Choose a career and or job that you are passionate about and if you start to loose the passion for something then find something different to do.
  4. Be grateful. Having an attitude of gratitude can help you have more passion and enthusiasm for life.
  5. Find 1-2 hobbies that you enjoy and then find the time to do them every once in a while.
  6. Read books about other people who have found their passions or lived a more passionate life and how they did it.
  7. Ask for help from other people who seem to have more passion in their life.
  8. Meditate every day and write down the ideas that come to your head.
  9. Go for a nature walk and write down any ideas that you think of.
  10. Join a club that focuses on something you are passionate about and get to know the other members. For example I love the French language and everything about it. I am a member of my local chapter of the Alliance Francaise.
  11. Take a class about something that grabs your attention and lights you on fire. It could be an in person class or an online class.
  12. Experiment with different activities and classes to find out what gives you more passion in life.
  13. Look back to what you love to do when you were three and find ways to do more of those things.
  14. Ask your friends, family and others who know you well what they think you enjoy doing and that will give you more passion in life.
  15. If you aren’t in a passionate relationship right now, figure out how to change it.
  16. Watch or rewatch old classic romantic movies and use the advice that they have in those movies to help you have more passion in your relationships.
  17. Wear perfume or essential oils that have blends of oils that can help you have more passion. Examples include rose, jasmine, neroli and cinnamon.
  18. Realize that you won’t be passionate about everything you have to do in life but you do have control over your choices.
  19. Do what you can to have passion even in situations when you may find it difficult.
  20. Get involved with helping others have more passion. You may be surprised and find out what you enjoy doing things you never thought you would.
  21. Eat some chocolate. I’m serious. I don’t know about you but eating chocolate gives me more passion and enthusiasm for life.
  22. Spend some time with a baby or young child. They always have passion for life and some of theirs may rub off on you.
  23. If you feel you have really lost your passion for life, then get some professional help and counseling.
  24. Sing and dance. Yes really.
  25. Check out my other post on how to get motivated.
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