Misfits Market Review

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Have you heard about misfits market? Whether you have or haven’t heard about it, keep reading as I’m going to share with you my experience with this misfits market review and help you learn about what it is, how it works, why I like it, my I don’t like it and why you may want to try it to help you save money on fresh produce.

What is Misfits Market?

Misfits market is an online grocery service that offers fresh organic fruits and vegetables shipped to your home weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. They get their produce from various farmers, and grocery stores and it’s called “Misfit” because the produce is deemed to be imperfect or a misfit and therefore not able to be sold at the store.

How does Misfit Market work?

It is really simple and easy to use. First you create an account on their website and setup your first order and decide what size of box and how frequently you want to order. They have a small box and a large box. I will tell you that personally I am getting a large box bi-weekly and I eat everything within the 2 weeks. However, I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. If you eat less produce than me, or if you want to still get some of your fruits and vegetables at the store, or if you have a garden, then you may want to order a small box instead.

Then you choose your delivery day based on the available options. Personally I get mine delivered every other Wednesday. Then 3 days before your order shipped you will get an email inviting you to customize your order. You will want to make sure and do this as soon as possible. Otherwise you will get a random box of produce without any choices as to what is in the box.

You also have the option to add on additional items at a discount. This includes things like coffee, chocolate, cereals, crackers, chips, additional fruit and a few other things. You won’t find dairy or meat products though.

Why I like it and why you should try it

There are lots of reasons why Misfits Market is great. First, it’s convenient You order online and the box of produce shows up at your house. You don’t need to go to the store. Second, it’s cheaper than the store. I added up the costs of what I received and I did save money. Third, While it’s called misfits, I have yet to get anything in my box I wouldn’t eat, or that I thought to be unacceptable.

Why You Might Not Like It

While I really like Misfits and I plan to continue ordering, there are a few reasons you may not like it. First, the selection is limited to what is available. So you don’t have as much of a selection as you do at the store. Second, if they run out of certain items, or if some items are deemed unacceptable by them, you may not get exactly what you ordered. For example, in my last box I ordered broccoli and tomatoes and ended up with 2 stocks of celery instead. So you have to be flexible about what you get. Third, you can’t get items like meat and dairy so you will still have to go to the store unless you are vegan and even then there are likely to be some things you can’t get.

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