Going gluten free is just the first step

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Living a gluten free lifestyle is advertised and promoted as a one trick pony and as the secret to everything from losing weight to relieving pain. However, the reality is much different. To begin with a gluten free diet is not by default healthy. Furthermore not everyone needs to be gluten free and going gluten free does not guarantee weight loss or good health even for those of us who do need to avoid gluten. The other mistake that I see many people making is that they assume that going gluten free will be the end all be all and once they are gluten free they will be healthy all the time when the reality is that going gluten free is just the first step.

Once you are gluten free then here are some additional things you will need to do:

1. Determine if you have additional food sensitivities or allergies. This can be complicated and doing an elimination diet is usually the best way.

2. Find ways to eat more real foods and to avoid too many gluten free junk and processed foods. When you first go gluten free it may be necessary to eat lots of gluten free bread, pasta, cookies etc, however after you have adjusted to the lifestyle you will want to limit consumption of these foods.

3. Start taking a probiotic supplement and find ways to get more probiotic foods. These are really important to the overall health of your digestive system.

4. Consider giving up cross reactors to gluten such as corn. This can be difficult to stick with 100% of the time but it can be important to improving and maintaining your overall health.

5. Get over any addictions you have to sugar, caffeine and other unhealthy foods.

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