How to Plan the Ultimate Allergy Free Party

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Anyone who struggles with allergies knows that one of the biggest challenges can be attending parties. Usually food and drink is served that contains allergens of one kind of another and many people may or may not be understanding of your need to avoid certain foods. Furthermore, candles, air fresheners, animals and other environmental hazards for allergy suffers may increase your problems. So what can you do? Why not plan your own allergy free party and invite not only people who also have allergies but also others who don’t so that they can experience an allergy free party and see that it is possible to enjoy yourself without having to worry about allergies at the same time?

Here are some tips for planning an allergy free party:

1. Create an allergy free menu. Decide what allergens you want to avoid. The more allergens you choose the harder it will be but more people will be able to eat the food that you serve.

2. Avoid wheat and gluten regardless of what you decide to do since many people are allergic or have problems with it than many other allergens.

3. Include a variety of foods. Examples include: rice crackers, apple slices, dairy free ice cream or yogurt, soy milk, a veggie tray etc.

4. Decide what you will do about environmental allergens. For example, how will you create a nice warm and good smelling atmosphere? Depending upon your allergies you may want to still burn a candle or you may want to spray or diffuse some essential oils into the air instead.

5. Avoid having animals or pets present. If you have them make arrangements for them to not be there during the party.

6. Thoroughly clean your residence and use allergen free cleaners.

7. Relax and enjoy!

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