7 Ways to Improve Concentration and Fous in Your Child With Autism

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concentration and focus with autism

Concentration and focus can be a major problem for children with autism. Once this improves their whole life will improve. That said it can be very challenging and frustrating as a parent to make this happen.

Here are some ideas on how to do it successfully:

1. Set a goal to make it happen and work on it daily. If you are determined to make it happen then you will be much more likely to succeed.

2. Use patchouli spice essential oil or special blends. These blends can help children with special needs to concentrate better and to calm down.

3. Focus on fixing one situation at a time in your child’s life. Figure out when your child has concentration problems the most frequently and work on improving that situation.

4. Limit distractions whenever possible.

5. Diffuse peppermint essential oil into the air using either a diffuser, or a humidifer. Peppermint can help improve memory, focus and concentration.

6. Use brain gym. Brain gym is a training program that can help your child with focus, concentration and sensory issues.

7. Be patient. A patient parent will find ways to help your child.

Other ideas? Suggestions?

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