7 Food Intolerance Symptoms that Doctors Usually Miss

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Do you have a food intolerance? If you are like millions of people you probably do. It is a myth that you can eat and drink whatever you want and whenever you want without any damage to your health. Your food intolerances may be severe and cause noticeable illnesses or they may be minor and you may hardly be able to tell what is going on. In any case, most doctors usually miss the symptoms of a food intolerance and some will even deny that food intolerances exist. However, they do exist and here are seven food intolerance symptoms that doctors usually miss. If you have any of these, it is a good idea to get some professional help and figure out what your food intolerances are and start on your road to improved health. I personally recommend either a chiropractor or acupuncturist as they usually have the most experience in treating and helping you to manage food intolerances.

1. Repeated sinus infections, a constant runny or clogged up nose. Yes you may have seasonal allergies or get sick from time to time but if this is a repeated problem then odds are good you have a food intolerance or several food intolerances.

2. Lots of sore throats or a throat that swells up and hurts or gets scratchy after eating certain foods.

3. Muscle aches and pains that don’t seem to go away and that aren’t related to an injury or a fall.

4. Constant dizziness. This can be other things though so you want to make sure to get checked by a chiropractor, medical doctor and possibly have a MRI if your symptoms are severe.

5. Stomach pains, IBS, and other GI issues. While it is possible for these to not be caused by food intolerances, before you get on drugs you really should make sure that you don’t have food intolerances as these are often the root cause of such issues.

6. Fatigue- again there can be lots of reasons for this but food intolerances are a big sign of fatigue and a lack of energy.

7. Other unexplained health issues that don’t seem to go away and that aren’t explained by any other health issue.

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