Are Food Intolerances Ruining Your Life?

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Are food intolerances ruining your life? Join me for an informative and helpful conversation with Liz Wooten from HumanNatureDevelopment as we talk about food intolerances, share our journeys and helpful hints and tips to help you live with, manage and be healthier despite food intolerances and food sensitivities.

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2 thoughts on “Are Food Intolerances Ruining Your Life?”

  1. Sarah Arrow says:

    Hi Anna Laura, lovely to listen to you both on the hangout. Too many small business owners neglect their health, and this is a great reminder that health isn’t just dependent on general wellbeing but also to take into account what we eat and drink.

  2. I loved Liz’s relation of food intolerances and building resilience in your business to the challenges business owner’s face when they are tackling their finances. Being a business coach, focusing on getting financial systems in place – this is an excellent analogy.

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