5 Questions You Should Ask About Food Intolerances But Probably Aren’t

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Do you have food intolerances? Even if you think you don’t, chances are good that you actually do. In fact, I read somewhere that as much as 73% of the population is estimated to have at least one food intolerance and many people have several of them. That said, here are five questions you should ask about food intolerances but probably aren’t.

1. Why do I have my food intolerances? Despite what you may have heard from many western medical doctors, all health issues and medical conditions have a root cause including food intolerances. When you treat the root cause, then the health issue will disappear. So figure out why you have your food intolerances and you will be able to get rid of some of them. That said, some of them will always be a problem and can cause other health issues so you can’t totally remove all of them. Gluten and dairy are two common food intolerances that once you have them, you really shouldn’t eat those foods again.

2. How bad are my food intolerances? Different food intolerances can cause various reactions and of various levels of severity. You really should do what you can to figure this out because in some cases you may be able to follow a rotation diet and still eat some things.

3. What other health issues do I have in addition to my food intolerances? This is an important question to ask because rarely ever do people have food intolerances without other health issues. Auto-immune diseases are a common reason for food intolerances.

4. Do I have candida? Candida is a common cause of food intolerances and can when it gets out of control cause other health issues such as headaches and sleep problems.

5. Can taking a probiotic help me? The reality is that probiotics can help balance and increase good bacteria in your stomach and can help reduce food intolerances and illness in a lot of people.

What other questions do you have about food intolerances? Ask them in the comments below and I will try to answer them.

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