5 Steps to Better Gut Health: Making Your Gut Happy and Healthy

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Is your gut healthy and happy? The reality is that most people do not have the kind of gut health they would like to have. I know I don’t. I’m always working on improving my gut health and having a happy and healthy gut.

So here are 5 of the steps I’ve used and continue to use for better gut health.

  1. Do a detox or cleanse. There are a lot of ways to do one but the main ideas behind a healthy cleanse or detox are: eliminate all processed foods including gluten and grains, and sugar for at least 2 weeks (longer if possible), take some kind of a detox supplement. (there are thousands out there but I have 2 that I specifically recommend. GX Assist and Zendocrine soft gels. You can also use lemon water to help you cleanse your system and to detox.
  2. Eliminate all foods that are causing you to have allergies or food sensitivities for a period of at least 90 days. There are several ways to figure out what these are. The three that I recommend the most are: The ALCAT test, an elimination diet or Muscle Testing otherwise known as kinesiology. The elimination diet is the least expensive because you can do it on your known whereas the ALCAT or kinesiology testing requires the help of a certified professional. I have experience with all three and can help you figure out which is best for you when you schedule your free Get Your Health Back Breakthrough Session with me.
  3. Take a good quality probiotic for at least 30 days. Read here about how to choose a probiotic and the whys of probiotics.
  4. Eliminate as many toxins as you can from your skin care, cleaning products and anything else that you use that comes in contact with your skin, hair nails or any other part of your body. These toxins are hazardous to your health and many times we don’t even realize to what extent they are causing problems. Eliminating all toxins is nearly impossible in today’s world but you must do what you can to get rid of as many of them as possible.
  5. Reduce stress. Stress only makes your gut health worse. While no one can get rid of all stress you should do what you can to cut back on things that are causing you stress.
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