5 Food Allergy Signs

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Do you have a food allergy? Many peope do yet they may not realize it and in some cases you can be allergic to more than one food and maybe even several foods and not know it. When I got food allergy tested, some of the foods were a given, I knew I had to be allergic due to my reaction when I ate them, but, other foods were a surprise. I had no idea these foods were causing my symptoms. So how do you figure out if you have a food allergy? Here are some ways to figure it out.

1. Do you have dizziness or brain fog after eating a certain food or combination of foods? This is especially a common sign of a gluten or wheat allergy.

2. Do you have unexplained skin rashes that are not the cause of anything else?

3. Do you get frequent stomach pains and or heartburn? While there are other health conditions, that can cause these food allergies are the number one cause.

4. Have you had a recent doctor’s physical and the results came back normal for everything, yet you still feel sick a lot?

5. Do you a lot of joint and muscle pain? While these can be caused by arthritis or other injuries, food allergies are also a big cause of these and can make an already existing condition worse.

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