25 Great Autoimmune Wellness Gifts

autoimmune wellness gift
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Do you struggle to come up with autoimmune wellness gifts that you can request when someone asks you what you want for your birthday, Christmas or other holidays? One of the challenges when you have an autoimmune condition is knowing what to ask for when someone wants to give you a gift as well as giving gifts to someone with autoimmune issues. This is especially true when you are on a special diet that makes food and eating out gifts not a possibility.

So here are 25 great autoimmune wellness gift ideas for you to consider giving or asking others to give to you:

  1. Body Brush and back scrubber- This is great for improving your circulation and look and feel of your skin.

2. Infared Sauna Lamp– I bought one of these in December and it’s amazing. I use it to help reduce inflammation and pain in different parts of my body.

3. Essential Oils– You didn’t think I would write a post about autoimmune wellness without mentioning my favorite bottles did you? Anyhow, you can ask for a variety of these to help. However, my favorite use for these is to help boost my energy level with things like wild orange and peppermint, or the emotional wellness blends to help with a variety of emotions and emotion support.

4. Vegan protein powder- You need to watch ingredients on these, however my favorites are the Garden of Life, the Doterra vegan protein powder, and the Orgain powder.

5. Hemp Seeds/ or Hemp Seed Powder- These are great for adding in to green smoothies, or for adding in to salads, baking and more. The best place to get these is either at Trader Joe’s or Costco.

6. A Food Journal- this is great for tracking what you are eating and any symptoms you experience.

7. A Mini Trampoline- This is great for exercise and getting more movement. This is the one I have.

8. A massage gift card- I mean who doesn’t need a massage and if you are on the autoimmune healing journey, you need one more often than normal.

9. A weighted blanket- personally I have the one from Cariloha and love it but you can get them lots of places. I’ve found them to be really helpful for deeper and higher quality sleep.

10. A yeti mug- this is a must have for warm drinks and I drink a lot of herbal teas and this is a must have for me.

11. Natural house cleaners- You can make these yourself or buy some pre-made ones. I really like the Doterra On Guard cleaner.

12. Natural body butter or lotion- This can be tricky to find ones that really don’t have dangerous chemicals. The best bet is either a plan one with no scent, or Trader Joe’s has some good ones.

13. Epsom Salts- You can get these for the best price at Walmart. Always great for taking a bath and soaking sore and tired muscles.

14. Grounding Mat- These are great for protecting from Electromagnetic Frequencies and can help if you use computers and other electronics a lot.

15. Sugar free chocolate- This is great since if you have an autoimmune condition you really should avoid sugar as much as possible. Lilly’s chocolate is my favorite kind. You can also find this at Whole Foods.

16. Flowers- I mean really. Who doesn’t like fresh flowers every once in awhile?

17. A book- always a nice gift idea. If you are like me, I have way too many books.

18. A nice high quality water bottle- you can never have enough of those right? A metal one is always the best.

19. A digital TV subscription, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus or any other one that you want.

20. A crockpot if you don’t already have one. This is a must have for cooking healthy meals and saving time.

21. An Air Fryer- a must have for making fries and other comfort foods a lot healthier.

22. A word search, sudoku, crossword or other puzzle book. These are great for working your mind and we all need something we can do that isn’t on a computer ever once in awhile. A great autoimmune wellness gift if you ask me.

23. A stress ball- always good for helping to release that stress in only a few minutes.

24. Tupperware or other dishes for organizing and storing your food. Having these makes it a lot easier to make sure you don’t waste food.

25. An exercise ball. I have one I got from my chiropractor years ago and it is great for moving around, stretching and more.

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