Why I Started Making My Own Dairy Free Milks

making dairy free milks
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I started making my own dairy free milks about a month ago and I thought I would share with you why. So if you have wondering about making dairy free milks keep reading. I also wrote another post a few weeks ago about how to make dairy free milks.

There are a variety of reasons why I started making my own dairy free milks. The main reason is because store bought dairy free milks are full of ingredients that are filers, gums and sugars as well as natural flavors. These things aren’t good for you and when you make your own, you use just the nut of grain, water and a little bit of salt.

Most store bought dairy free milks contain things such as carrageenan, guar gum, and other things that while they aren’t the absolute worst for your health, they can cause digestive issues when you consume too much. One of the reasons that a lot of us including me, are dairy free is because we have digestive issues, so using dairy free milks from the store can be contradictory to this.

I also initially thought that store bought dairy free milks are more expensive. I’ve since discovered that the reality is that the costs are really about the same. The main reason for this is that store bought almond milk for example only contains about 5 almonds in 64 oz. Yes, really the majority of it is water, gums and filers. When you make your own, you use a lot more almonds, (or coconut, cashews) etc to make your own dairy free milk. The end result is that you will use a lot more nuts for less milk. The cheapest place I’ve found nuts without having to buy very large quantities is at Costco.

The other thing I’ve discovered is that homemade almond and coconut milk tastes a lot better than store bought. In fact, if I had realized how good it tastes, I probably would have started making my own a lot sooner.

If you haven’t made your own dairy free milk get started today, you won’t regret it.

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